Seorang Ibu Tertangkap Zoom Tanpa Busana saat Keluar dari Kamar Mandi

Ashley Foret Smith saat menceritakan kejadian lucu dirinya tertangkap zoom saat bugil. (Screenshot)
Ashley Foret Smith saat menceritakan kejadian lucu dirinya tertangkap zoom saat bugil. (Screenshot)

FLORIDA, SURYAYOGYA.COM – Seorang ibu di Florida berkisah di facebook mengenai pengalaman lucunya. Betapa tidak, dirinya tertangkap kamera dalam kondisi bugil saat putrinya sedang melakukan panggilan zoom.

Di Jacksonville, sebuah kota di Florida, ibu tiga anak itu baru selesai mandi dan bermaksud menuju kamarnya untuk berpakaian. Sayangnya, dia sama sekali telanjang saat melintas dan di saat bersamaan putrinya yang berusia tujuh tahun sedang melakukan panggilan zoom.

Ibu tiga anak itu, Ashley Foret Smith, tidak memperhatikan bahwa putrinya sedang duduk di kamar, di tempat tidur, dan dia melakukan panggilan Zoom dengan teman-teman sekelasnya.

“Tiba-tiba saya mendengar anak saya yang berusia 7 tahun berada tempat tidur saya  dan berkata ‘Tunggu, Bella,’ dan kemudian Bella pergi, ‘Saya pikir kita perlu menutup telepon. Kita semua mungkin dalam masalah,'” tulis sang ibu dalam sebuah posting Facebook, mengenang insiden yang terjadi pada 5 Mei.

Postingan itu telah menyebar di media sosial dengan hampir dua juta kali ditonton. “Saya tidak tahu mengapa dia ada di tempat tidur saya,” kata Ashley mengenang kejadian yang merupakan “momen paling memalukan dalam hidup [nya].”

I have contemplated sharing this as it is the most embarrassing thing that has EVER happened to me. But, I think we could all use this laugh. Today I became a cautionary tale. Woke up, got everyone logged on to school, hammered out some work and then was going to hop in the shower before I needed to run out of the house. I was winning the day! I should have known it was too good to be true. Hopped in the shower. Jumped out. Threw my hair up in a towel. Leisurely sauntered across the room to grab my clothes. THEN. IT. HAPPENED. I heard a small voice say “hang on one second” and then another one say “I think we need to hang up, we are going to get in trouble”. Ummmm, where in the heck are these voices coming from? I’ll tell you where they were coming from. The perfectly angled computer sitting atop a pillow on my bed. While I was showering, the youngest one set up her Zoom meeting on my bed. Her computer was on my pillow, camera facing the middle of the room, she was on her stomach tucked under the covers. Did I just walk neked into a zoom call? I DID! I am the person that watches the News or scrolls through FB at night and declares that all Zoom videos are staged. There is no way a news anchors mistress walked into the screen. Well, I was wrong. It’s totally possible. But, what do you do then? Send apology notes? Insist it wasn’t you? Immediately withdraw your children? Move to Canada? Own it? This wasn’t in the parenting handbook. Virtual schooling is hard. Balancing everything is hard. Not being able to exist in your own house without knowing where a zoom call might pop up is HARD. May my humiliation make you giggle tonight. I hate pictures, I hate videos, there is little proof of my existence beyond live interactions. But, for some reason I picked up my phone to document my embarrassment. *edit* it has been confirmed that no child saw anything. Thank goodness! WEAR YOUR CLOTHES! END VIRTUAL SCHOOL!

Posted by Ashley Smith on Tuesday, May 5, 2020

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