“Legalistic Humanism” Between Idea and Actualization of the Concept of Humanity in the History of War and Conflict


OLEH Dr Andry Wibowo Sik MH Msi – I first learned about humanity when I was introduced by my elementary school teachers about Pancasila, the ideology of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, which was formulated by the founders of the Republic of Indonesia, Bung Karno et al., which was later stipulated in the Preamble to the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia.

Humanity issues in the state basis reads “Just and Civilized Humanity” which in its implementation as a citizen is obliged to respect other human beings regardless of ethnicity, religion, race and group background where every citizen is obliged to respect the humanity of others according to the law and the constitution.

The second lesson, of course, I got at the police academy which gave me lessons and police doctrine to respect humanity and help those who are weak by universally known phrase “ love humanity – help deliquency”.

Then I got the basic concept of humanity in the values ​​that I learned from Religion and Javanese culture as well as the culture that exists in the natural life of the Indonesian nation which contains cultural and religious codes of conduct that complement each other as a way of life.

In the course of later , I had the opportunity to serve in areas experiencing conflict and war at home and abroad which left a trail of death; the destruction of a city ; loss of property and the right to life and live in safety and peace as well as loss of family generations.

In addition to war and conflict areas, I Have ever been assigened at multicultural and cosmopolitan work that I have many Experienced to handle fights between groups on the basis of religious and ethical identities include crimes or natural disasters and mechanical disasters that intersect with humanitarian issues such as murder, rape, sale of human organs, disaster nature that takes human life and property.

It also provides an overview of the spectrum of other humanitarian problems that actually occur in our social environment which are the objects of the busyness of government officials, law enforcement officers, security forces and the community.

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